Refuge, Reason and Resolve

Pictured: My mother’s maternal grandparents, immigrants from the Levant (at the time known as “Greater Syria” including what is now Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Palestine/Israel), pre WWI There is a petition circulating right now in Pennsylvania asking Governor Wolf to reject Syrian refugees. Over 70,000 people have signed it. One of the most frequent reasons […]

What would freedom be like?

What would freedom be like?   “Freedom is never voluntarily given from the oppressor It must be demanded by the oppressed” – MLK   Freedom is connection Our natural genius would shine Because it hasn’t been stunted, suppressed, or squelched It would not be illegal to be homeless But to allow homelessness to exist Families […]

My Own Private Vigilante

It was the spring of 2007 and  my students were amped about the US social forum in Atlanta.  I was the Executive Director of the Philadelphia Student Union and also organizing at Sayre High School in West Philadelphia. My students were so excited and I committed to taking a group of about a dozen students […]